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When you need a quality electrician in Brisbane, choose Heart Electrical. We care enough to find the best electrical solution for you, no matter how complex the problem is.

It’s our mission to foster a team of caring, sincere, approachable and optimistic problem solvers. That means you receive the highest quality electrical services delivered with your best interests at heart.

Our Story

Anthony Willemsen has always liked knowing how things work – especially anything electrical. So, he decided to study electrical computer engineering at uni. Complex theories are well and good but Anthony wanted to take the knowledge he was learning and put it to work in a really practical, hands-on way.

That’s when he decided to become an electrician. While Anthony was enjoying solving complex problems as an electrician, there were some aspects of the industry that he wasn’t enjoying so much, like work cultures that focused too much on:

  • Getting a job done as quickly as possible at the expense of better long-term solutions
  • Being tough, strong, indifferent and invulnerable at the expense of being kind, helpful, careful and innovative
  • Scaling businesses as quickly as possible at the expense of having well-trained staff, a positive company culture and a commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of the industry

Then in 2013, he had an idea: “Why not create my own business where caring is seen as a strength?” Heart Electrical was born.

Like the experience of most small business owners, the first year was a lot of hard work, but Anthony was determined. Steadily, he has built a strong word-of-mouth reputation for his business: one that’s built on caring and excellence.

Careers with Heart Electrical

As well as continuing to deliver premium electrical services, we’re focused on growing a diverse and inclusive team to help spread the vision of an electrical services business model that celebrates people who are brave enough to show they care about:

  • getting the best outcomes for clients
  • taking pride in their work
  • supporting their teammates

If our approach resonates with you, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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