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Stay Cool

Brisbane summer. Need we say more? The last thing you want on a hot, muggy summer night is for the air-conditioner to stop working. That’s why we only install split-system air conditioners made by the most reliable brands like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

As well as using the best brands, our air conditioner installers in Brisbane will provide you with the highest quality install for an efficient, durable system. Keep your cool this summer knowing that your reverse cycle conditioner will be installed by a team who take great pride in their work.

Stay Green

When air conditioners leak or are not properly decommissioned, they release harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere. They are extremely environmentally destructive causing damage to the ozone layer and adding to greenhouse gas emissions. The damage can be as much as running your car for six months.

We care about the future of our planet, which is why we’re licensed technicians with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), the peak industry body that administers the national refrigeration and air conditioning permit scheme. Having the tick of approval from ARC means that we work to the mandated standards to minimise the risk of refrigerants escaping into the atmosphere.

We also do our utmost to recycle components from old ceiling fans and air conditioning units wherever possible.

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