Solar and Sustainability

Catch the Sun

When you have a solar system installed, you’re essentially running a mini power plant on your roof. For a high quality installation, there’s a lot to think about to get it right such as:

  • Choosing a solar system size that meets your needs perfectly. We’re not in the game of over-selling systems, we’re in the business of quality solar
  • The orientation, slope and shading of your roof all impact on achieving maximum solar energy output. It’s why we only design systems after doing a site visit. Aerial photos tell one side of the story only. Being on-site gives us the complete picture
  • Your roofing material. Tiled rooves require a more delicate installation to avoid compromising the waterproofing integrity of your roof. Take the worry out of it and use a quality solar power electrician from Heart Electrical
  • The quality of the solar panel, inverter and battery brands that you choose. Quality systems need quality brands. We only work with products made by reputable brands such as Hyundai solar panels, Fronius inverters and Redback Technologies batteries.

Solar System Repairs

If your solar system isn’t working properly, often the best outcome for you is a solar system repair instead of getting a completely new system installed.  It’s better for you and it’s better for the environment.

We don’t shy away from solar system repairs. In fact, we’re committed to getting the best solution for you. We also do our utmost to recycle components from old solar panels, inverters and batteries wherever possible. Choose us and you’re choosing a solar power electrician that genuinely cares about you and the liveable future of our planet.

EV Charging Points at Home

Charge your electric vehicle with ease by getting an EV charging point installed at home. We have the tools and expertise to get a set-up that will work best for you.

Clean Energy Council Accredited

Rest assured knowing that we are accredited designers and installers with the Clean Energy Council of Australia. This means that we are certified and trained to ensure your solar system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards.

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